Chariots of the Gods – Who Mourns For Adonais

Whom Pods Destroy
Whom Pods Destroy
Chariots of the Gods - Who Mourns For Adonais

Whom Pods Destroy finally returns home after 5000 years to gather laurel leaves and pay homage to Apollo in the classic Star Trek: the Original Series episode Who Mourns for Adonais.

The is episode is a particular favourite in the pod but acknowledge that it’s not perfect. In particular, the relationship between Apollo (Michael Forrest) and the Enterprise’ Anthropologist, Carolyn Palamis (Leslie Parrish) bear close examination and is problematic.

This does not stop us from celebrating the performances of the actors and appreciating an episode where the supporting cast get a lot more than usual to do. Particularly Uhura.

Please note that this episode was recorded before the passing of Nichelle Nichols.