Episode 54: What are little girls made of? – Star Trek Picard

Picture from CBS.

Whom Pods Destroy is back for an extra length special podcast reflecting on Star Trek: Picard.

This ten-part CBS All Access series had more plot points than a Romulan attack fleet has torpedo tubes. Some of them stuck, some were planted presumably for Season 2 and some just didn’t really make sense to us.

That said, the series was an artful and authentic portrayal of the Star Trek universe, struggling to maintain its lofty ideals in wake of the Romulan supernova and attack on Mars. Picard and his motley band are a reflection of these troubled times for the Federation and Patrick Stewart once again proves a superb leader of the new ensemble.

Terry, Derek and Graham reflect on the latest Star Trek TV show, celebrate its successes, mourn its failures and scratch their heads at how Agnes manages to get away with murder.

Derek also finds a link with this latest series of Star Trek to an episode of the original series.