Hard to believe it ever happened – The Squire Of Gothos

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Hard to believe it ever happened - The Squire Of Gothos

Terry, Graham and Derek return for another episode of Whom Pods Destroy and after a slight meander return to its core topic: Star Trek The Original Series.

And we’ve selected a beauty to discuss: “The Squire Of Gothos” – featuring the seminal character Trelane, played by the immaculate William Campbell. We explore the episodes excellent production choices and links to the Next Generation episode “Encounter at Farpoint”.

Episode 56 – Space Seed

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 56 - Space Seed
Ricardo Montalban and Madlyn Rhue’s star as Khan and Marla McGivers in two of the strongest guest roles on the original series of Star Trek,

Graham, Terry and Derek are back for another episode of Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek discussion podcast.

For this episode, we focus our attention on Space Seed. Little did they know at the time that the story of Khan Noonian Singh would turn out to be one of the pivotal episodes in the history of Star Trek. Khan would go on to rescue the franchise commercially and determine a creative direction of travel for years to come.

And it all began here with this little bottle episode in the first series of TOS.

Episode 55 – Balance of Terror

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 55 - Balance of Terror

Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek discussion podcast returns with another episode of blistering takes about the original series of Star Trek.

Balance of Terror maybe half a century old but it still has a lot to tell us. Not just in relation to its story and messages but also in how to craft a multi-layered piece of engaging scripted drama on a shoestring budget.

Episode 54: What are little girls made of? – Star Trek Picard

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 54: What are little girls made of? - Star Trek Picard
Picture from CBS.

Whom Pods Destroy is back for an extra length special podcast reflecting on Star Trek: Picard.

This ten-part CBS All Access series had more plot points than a Romulan attack fleet has torpedo tubes. Some of them stuck, some were planted presumably for Season 2 and some just didn’t really make sense to us.

That said, the series was an artful and authentic portrayal of the Star Trek universe, struggling to maintain its lofty ideals in wake of the Romulan supernova and attack on Mars. Picard and his motley band are a reflection of these troubled times for the Federation and Patrick Stewart once again proves a superb leader of the new ensemble.

Terry, Derek and Graham reflect on the latest Star Trek TV show, celebrate its successes, mourn its failures and scratch their heads at how Agnes manages to get away with murder.

Derek also finds a link with this latest series of Star Trek to an episode of the original series.

Episode 53 – The Enterprise Incident. A tribute to DC Fontana

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 53 - The Enterprise Incident. A tribute to DC Fontana
The Enterprise Incident
The Enterprise Incident: A classic sixties spy caper in which Kirk & Spock set up a sting operation to relieve the Romulans of one of their secret cloaking devices… or do they?

Scriptwriter, script editor and script doctor. Dorothy Fontana was one of the founding talents of the original series of Star Trek. Without her vision, skill, creativity and talent, Star Trek would not be what it is today.

In this episode of Whom Pods Destroy, Graham, Derek and Terry mark her recent passing with a discussion on The Enterprise Incident. A classic episode from the third season, written by DC Fontana which conceivably still echoes as far as Star Trek: Picard which was released this week.

Episode 49 – Nomad is such a bloke

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 49 - Nomad is such a bloke
Nomad can destroy worlds but can’t cope when a woman expresses herself.

Whom Pods Destroy continues its build-up to the 40th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture with a discussion on the second season original series episode which gare many similarities to the Motion Picture without having been acknowledged, The Changeling.

Episode 47 – Kirk

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Episode 47 - Kirk

We are delighted to return with another edition of Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek discussion podcast. In this edition, Terry, Graham and Derek discuss the big dog himself. James T Kirk.

The discussion reflects on the origins of the character, the journey he took throughout theOriginal Series and movies and they discuss the future of Starfleet’s greatest captain*

You can watch the William Shatner film, The Intruder on Youtube here.

*subjective statement. May not Starfleet’s greatest captain.

Episode 46 – James & Tiberius

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Episode 46 - James & Tiberius
Janice Rand is confronted by three senior officers, one of whom is, as far as she knows, her attacker.

Terry, Graham, and Derek are back after their brief hiatus with another episode of Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek Discussion Podcast.

In the episode, we discussed a much loved and much memed but very controversial episode fro the first series of the Original Series: “The Enemy Within”. This is the story of how Captain Kirk is separated into two, beings. One is intelligent, rational, compassionate while the other is savage, devious and violent. The episode contains a scene with sexual violence against a woman and the handling of this sub-plot is considered to be highly problematic.

Episode 45 – Turtle Wax

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Episode 45 - Turtle Wax
Spock coming to terms with his new life with Zarabeth

Whom Pods Destroy returns with another episode, taking a deep dive into the original series.

In this podcast we discuss the late third season episode “All Our Yesterdays”. The episode where Spock regresses and er… gets back to basics, so to speak.

This episode threw up all manner of side topics, about contemporary storytelling formats and how they no longer exist today.

We also get a worrying insight in some of Derek’s more… intense fantasy realms.

Episode 44 – Spock here!

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 44 - Spock here!

Whom Pods Destroy is back with Graham, Derek & Terry getting all loved up for the one and only Spock.

Well, I say the one and only but in fact there have been a number of iterations of that “green blooded sonofabitch” and we spent a pleasant 45 minutes discussing the portrayal, development and characterisation of one of Star Trek’s most beloved Starfleet officers throughout his nearly half a century of association with the franchise.