Episode 41 – Funky Griffin Guy

We are delighted to be bringing you our first (and perhaps only) podcast on Star Trek: The Animated Series.

On this edition of Whom Pods Destroy we look forward to the new series of Star Trek: Discovery by focussing on “Yesteryear”: a superb exploration of the history and character of Spock written by the incomparable Dorothy Fontana.

We also take a moment to reflect on the Animated Series in general its qualities and what it left behind. It also gives us a chance to share this absolute banger with you.

Episode 25 – Charlie X

Terry, Graham and Derek are delighted to be back with another edition of Whom Pods Destroy.

The first season episode, Charlie X, is the topic of our discussion. A classic an controversial story about teenage angst writ large. The show raises questions about attitudes towards women and adolescence and illustrates the rise of the teen in contemporary society.

Apologies for some of the clipping in this episode.

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