Episode 36 – Star Trek invented the sonic screwdriver and the Wrath of Harve

Assignment Earth was the failed back door pilot that, were it not for the famous fan letter writing campaign, would have been the final episode of Star Trek.

This is a strange episodeTrek as it  relegates the regular characters to guest star roles as the focus is switched to the pilot’s two main protagonists, Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln.

In this edition of Whom Pods Destroy Terry, Graham and Derek discuss this episode and its premise. As well as the pilot’s various contemporary influences, including James Bond, Derek Flint plus Steed & Mrs Peel. The fact that it was a back door pilot allows them to broaden the discussion to Gene Rodenberry’s other, mostly failed projects. Plus we revel that true sub-text of one of the Star Trek movies.

Bonus Episode – Star Trek Las Vegas 2018

In this special episode we have an update from the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas from August 2018. Terry travelled to Nevada with his wife Zoe and were in the room when Patrick Stewart made that announcement about the return of Jean-Luc Picard.

We discuss that plus the other highlights of the convention in this special edition of Whom Pods Destroy.