Episode 38 – There is no Roy Orbison in the Mirror Universe

Following on from our previous podcast on Mirror, Mirror – Graham, Terry and Derek discuss its legacy and the nature of parallel universes and alternate timelines not just in Star Trek but in other Science Fiction.

We also celebrate the numerous sequels to this classic episode whether they be canon, side canon and non canon. So we’re talking Fan films, DC Comics, Dark Mirror by Diane Duane, Deep Space 9, Enterprise and Discovery. Please note there will be spoilers.

This podcast is also notable for a world class impression of the Grand Nagus.

Whom Pods Destroy Bonus Episode – Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Trailer

Terry, Graham and Derek return from their summer break to record a short reaction to the trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery. What are our expectations for the news season? How do we feel about the return of Pike to Star Trek? Do we detect a little more humour in the news season?

Episode 15: Star Trek: Discovery Trailer and Journey To Babel

Star Trek Podcast journey to babelTerry, Graham and Derek return for another edition of Whom Pods Destroy: A Star Trek Discussion Podcast.

In this edition we spend a few minutes discussing the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer before moving onto the classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode Journey To Babel. This is a multi layered, political, world building episode. It also marks the first appearance of Spock’s parents, Sarek and Amanda, two of the most loved supporting characters in Star Trek.

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