Episode 55 – Balance of Terror

Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek discussion podcast returns with another episode of blistering takes about the original series of Star Trek.

Balance of Terror maybe half a century old but it still has a lot to tell us. Not just in relation to its story and messages but also in how to craft a multi-layered piece of engaging scripted drama on a shoestring budget.

Episode 53 – The Enterprise Incident. A tribute to DC Fontana

The Enterprise Incident
The Enterprise Incident: A classic sixties spy caper in which Kirk & Spock set up a sting operation to relieve the Romulans of one of their secret cloaking devices… or do they?

Scriptwriter, script editor and script doctor. Dorothy Fontana was one of the founding talents of the original series of Star Trek. Without her vision, skill, creativity and talent, Star Trek would not be what it is today.

In this episode of Whom Pods Destroy, Graham, Derek and Terry mark her recent passing with a discussion on The Enterprise Incident. A classic episode from the third season, written by DC Fontana which conceivably still echoes as far as Star Trek: Picard which was released this week.

Star Trek Mixtape # 3: Jolan Tru

We were pleased to offer Terry’s third and final (for now at least) Mixcloud Mixtape of great Star Trek music from his impressive collection.

This mix feature cues from the TV Shows and movies involving Romulans including, Star Trek: Nemesis, The Enterprise Incident, The Defector, Face of the Enemy and of course Balance of Terror. Composers include Jerry Goldsmith, Alexander Courage and Ron Jones.


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