Star Trek Mixtape – Villains

We present a compilation of Star Trek music cues from Terry’s embarrassingly large collection. This mix is dedicated to notable Star Trek baddies such as, Data’s Brother, Lore from Datalore. Q, Krall, Henoch from Return to Tomorrow, Locutus of Borg, Evil Kirk from The Enemy Within, God and of course, Khaaaan!

Composers featured are James Horner, Michael Giacchino, Jerry Goldsmith, Fred Steiner, George Duning and Dennis McCarthy.

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Star Trek Mixtape # 3: Jolan Tru

We were pleased to offer Terry’s third and final (for now at least) Mixcloud Mixtape of great Star Trek music from his impressive collection.

This mix feature cues from the TV Shows and movies involving Romulans including, Star Trek: Nemesis, The Enterprise Incident, The Defector, Face of the Enemy and of course Balance of Terror. Composers include Jerry Goldsmith, Alexander Courage and Ron Jones.


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Star Trek Music Mixtape #1 – Where No One Has Gone Before

About a year ago I put together a few mixes of Star Trek music on Mixcloud which I’m very happy to share on our new site.

I’ve been putting off doing more but will probably get round to it soon enough. Until them let’s begin with a compilation called “Where No One Has Gone Before” featuring tracks from James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith, Ron Jones, Fred Steiner and of course, Alexander Courage. Enjoy: