Episode 42 – The Phantom Mendez

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 42 - The Phantom Mendez

We are overjoyed to bring you our discussions on the only two part episode of Star Trek: The Original Series – The Menagerie.

Series 2 of Star Trek Discovery, featuring Captain Pike, Number One and Spock, is about to get underway. So what better time to go back to where it started with and celebrate this triumph over this masterful episode that arguably saved the franchise from cancellation.

Listen out for what could have been for one of the best call backs in the history of Star Trek plus some more Albert Whitlock chat.

The website that Terry refers to about the remastered matte paintings is here.

Episode 1: The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 1: The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before


Our first ever podcast kicks off with a discussion on the two pilot episodes of Star Trek: The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Host Terry Duffelen, joined by Derek Mantle and Graham Sibley, explore these two pivotal episodes, compare the differences between the two, examine the various characters and appreciate the aesthetic.

Graham also posits a theory about Kirk’s relationship with his friend Gary Mitchell. Did Mitchell’s demise somehow affect Kirk even more profoundly than grieving the death of a friend?

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