Episode 29 – Your probes have touched me, Mr Spock

Loneliness, isolation, romance, sexual frustration, personality transference: there is a lot packed into the second season Star Trek episode Return To Tomorrow.

This is the story of Hennoch, Thalasia and Sargon. Three ancient creatures who have transcended beyond the physical form but are alone. They need to borrow someone else’s bodies in order to build their own android bodies. They appeal to the Enterprise crew for help promising unimaginable scientific riches. Kirk, Spock and Dr Ann Mullhall (played by the immaculate Diana Muldaur) agree but things do not go entirely to plan.

Terry, Derek and Graham think this is a cracking episode of Trek and spend a pleasant three quarters of an hour telling you why.

Episode 4: Kirksplaining – Artificial Intelligence and Androids in Star Trek The Original Series


The portrayal of Artificial intelligence and Androids in Star Trek: The Original Series are the subject of the latest edition of Whom Pods Destroy.

Terry, Graham and Derek discuss the numerous references to AI and artificial life from mass society micro management machines to transference of consciousness into an android body to merging with a sentient mechanised life-formĀ and to an starship computer with a sense of humour.

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