Episode 48 – Forbidden Planet (Star Trek -1)

Whom Pods Destroy
Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 48 - Forbidden Planet (Star Trek -1)
Captain John J Adams, Morbius, Altaira and Robby the Robot in the 1956 sci-fi retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Forbidden Planet.

In the first of our series marking the 40th anniversary of Star Trek The Motion Picture, Whom Pods Destroy goes back to when Star Trek was but a glint in Gene Roddenberry’s eye and explore the 1956 science fiction masterpiece, Forbidden Planet.

It is an established fact that the MGM classic directly informed Gene Roddenberry’s thinking when developing the original series of Star Trek and if you’ve watched the film you can easily understand why. Terry, Derek and Graham reflect on this genre classic and celebrate its similarities with Trek.