Episode 57 – The Wrath of Khan

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Episode 57 - The Wrath of Khan

Our latest podcast focusses on the classic, franchise saving Star Trek film – Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan.

This low budget classic remains a fan favourite and contains some of the most memorable scenes in all of Star Trek. Terry, Derek and Graham examine its themes and place in Star Trek lore. We also talk about its impact and legacy, not just in fandom but in the broader cinema industry.

Episode 56 – Space Seed

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 56 - Space Seed
Ricardo Montalban and Madlyn Rhue’s star as Khan and Marla McGivers in two of the strongest guest roles on the original series of Star Trek,

Graham, Terry and Derek are back for another episode of Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek discussion podcast.

For this episode, we focus our attention on Space Seed. Little did they know at the time that the story of Khan Noonian Singh would turn out to be one of the pivotal episodes in the history of Star Trek. Khan would go on to rescue the franchise commercially and determine a creative direction of travel for years to come.

And it all began here with this little bottle episode in the first series of TOS.

Episode 14: No Win Scenarios

Whom Pods Destroy
Episode 14: No Win Scenarios


Terry, Graham and Derek return for another edition of Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek discussion podcast.

Recorded in April, before the Star Trek Discovery trailer, we discuss the no win scenario in Star Trek: The Original series and movies. The conversation allows us to review some of the episodes we have covered in the past and offers a preview of what to expect in forthcoming episodes of Whom Pods Destroy.

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