Bonus Episode – Star Trek Las Vegas 2018

In this special episode we have an update from the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas from August 2018. Terry travelled to Nevada with his wife Zoe and were in the room when Patrick Stewart made that announcement about the return of Jean-Luc Picard.

We discuss that plus the other highlights of the convention in this special edition of Whom Pods Destroy.

Episode 35 – Chicken Soup Guy

Tomorrow Is Yesterday may, on the surface be something of a throwaway episode with its low intensity, light humour and nonsensical plot. However it remains a much loved, fun episode of Star Trek The Original Series which leaves something of a legacy.

On their return from a brief hiatus, Terry, Graham and Derek discuss this first season episode. Its high points, its low points and as an added treat: some bonus misogyny from Spock.

Whom Pods Destroy Bonus Episode – Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Trailer

Terry, Graham and Derek return from their summer break to record a short reaction to the trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery. What are our expectations for the news season? How do we feel about the return of Pike to Star Trek? Do we detect a little more humour in the news season?

Episode 34 – It was Bobby Clark

Whom Pods Destroy is back for another episode of top Star Trek chat.

In this edition we’ve gone all Gorn and discuss the first season original series episode, Arena. There are few images more memorable in Star Trek lore than that of the green skinned lizard creature that is pitted against Captain Kirk in a trial by combat orchestrated by the super advanced Metrons.

On the surface this episode of more than just Kirk fighting a bloke in a lizard costume. Graham, Derek and Terry pore over the show’s themes and messages and ask if there is anything to learn from Arena or is just a whole bunch of lizard fun.

Episode 33 – You are wasting time and effort

Whom Pods Destroy is back for more Star Trek chat.

If you’re a fan of the Original Series episode, The Corbomite Maneuver then you’ll love this podcast .

It’s a fantastic character episode which also signifies the values and ethics which echo through this great franchise to this day. So join Terry, Graham and Derek as they dose themselves up on Tranya and check out Balok’s gorgeous drapes and puppetry.


Darren Mooney’s excellent review of  The Corbomite Maneuver on The M0vie Blog.

Star Trek – The Corbomite Maneuver – visual effects comparison

Part 1 


Episode 32 – Kock & Boner

We return for another episode of Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek Discussion Podcast. In this edition we talk about Wolf in the Fold. An episode about a violent killer of women written by the noted horror writer and author of Psycho, Robert Bloch.

Despite being fondly remembered by some, this story has been heavily criticised as misogynist and racist. Terry, Graham and Derek have their own views with which are given expression in this podcast. Needless to say, some of the subject matter of our discussion is pretty unpleasant and listener discretion is advised.

Episode 31 – It’s Green

It's green
Scotty’s greenest hour

Whom Pods Destroy returns for another episode of top Trek chat.

In this edition we discuss the second season episode By Any Other Name. The story of the Kelvans: all powerful, all conquering multi tentacled invaders from the Andromeda galaxy who can’t take their liquor.

This story starts off pretty dark before taking a turn for the decidedly comic. It is most famous for Scotty’s “it’s green” line which was paid homage in the Next Generation episode, Relics.

Mark Farinas’ excellent  webcomic sequel to By Any Other Name is called Time’s Refuge and can be found here.

Episode 30 – More like a Doctor Who episode

Welcome back for another edition of Whom Pods Destroy, a Star Trek Discussion podcast.

The topic of this edition is the 3rd season episode Is There In Truth No Beauty?

There were many constraints placed on the writers and directors in the third season on Star Trek the original series. This frequently led to a number of poorly and thought out stories made on a small budget.

But there are a number of episodes from this season that take advantage of their limited resources to produce imaginative and challenging stories with interesting effects camera angles and photography. Is There In Truth No Beauty? is one of the best, if not the best example of this.

Join Terry, Derek and Graham as we discuss the story of Dr Miranda Jones and Kollos the Medusan in this story of beauty, ugliness, madness, jealousy and infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Episode 29 – Your probes have touched me, Mr Spock

Loneliness, isolation, romance, sexual frustration, personality transference: there is a lot packed into the second season Star Trek episode Return To Tomorrow.

This is the story of Hennoch, Thalasia and Sargon. Three ancient creatures who have transcended beyond the physical form but are alone. They need to borrow someone else’s bodies in order to build their own android bodies. They appeal to the Enterprise crew for help promising unimaginable scientific riches. Kirk, Spock and Dr Ann Mullhall (played by the immaculate Diana Muldaur) agree but things do not go entirely to plan.

Terry, Derek and Graham think this is a cracking episode of Trek and spend a pleasant three quarters of an hour telling you why.

Episode 28 – The Cloud Minders

Torture, industrial strife, social and economic inequality, massive privilege in the face of poverty, led poisoning: these are the issues and themes behind the Star Trek third season episode The Cloud Minders.

This was another example of a story rewritten to soften the author, in this case David Gerrold’s, initial message expressing sympathy for a slave class and it is poorer for it. That said it has some interesting ideas and some eye-catching designs. Not least of which is the Stratos cloud city based on the designs of the legendary Matt Jeffries.

In this episode of Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek Discussion Podcast Graham, Derek and Terry have a really good chin-wag about this episode’s ups and downs. And of course its problematic female characters and the situations in which they find themselves. There’s also some more slagging of Fred Freiburger.

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